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Bring on the Grub!

R.A.T will be providing the lasagne for Saturday night's dinner.
Please email me and let me know what you're planning to bring.


Here's a list of suggestions:


 we'll need one breakfast, 2 lunches and one supper and 50 desserts :-)

As people tell me what they'll be bringing, I'll list it here so we'll all know who and what is coming.



 Marie Osborn

 spinach salad and a chocolate dessert (just in case :-D)

 Super Hero Shonna

Super Muffins

 Bella and Rosalie from Florida

will be bringing a dessert and other goodies

 Judy Rucker (is a jello-tease)

drinks, and a mystery treat :-)

Sandra Field (and boyfriend..can't remember his name cuz he doesn't have whiskers and a tail :-)

lunchmeats and cheeses

Margaret and Billy Tipton

bread, lettuce tomatoe etc...




garlic bread

Dorothy and Heather Goodrum - Sat only

cantaloupe and honeydew (mmm)

Jennifer M


Molly Woolridge - Sat only

donations to RAT Rescue (thank you, Molly)

Donna Bennett (at least Sat.)


Ann Davis (at least Sat.)


Monica Webster and 2 kids


LeAnn and Allen Orean

breakfast casserole

Jessica Davis and Lyle (Sat)

veggie tray


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for more info, contact:

Christine or Marie