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What to Bring...

A gift

for the gift exchange. It should be under $15 and either be something for the rat, or a rattie gift for the human


Rat Fest will be pot luck, so check the food page and see what goodie you'd like to bring.

bedding and a pillow

If you'll be staying for the slumber party, you'll need bedding so you can claim your spot on the floor.

a towel.

If you'll be showering at Christine's, you might want to bring a towel.


and of course, comfy clothes and clean undies :-)


What NOT to Bring...

Your rats.

There just won't be enough room and health wise, it's just safer. There will be plenty of resident rats to play with to keep withdrawal at bay.

Gooey toiletries

If you'll be showering at Christine's, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and liquid soaps will be provided.

Drugs or alcohol

I've met most of you, trust me, we're crazy enough already :-D


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for more info, contact:

Christine or Marie