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Fun and Games

We have several games planned for the weekend, such as pictionary, Rat-unko, password, hangman, and Bella's Ratasauras Egg hunt :-). All the games will have a rattie theme, and of course, rattie prizes! There will also be drawings and raffles.

Saturday, after dinner, we'll also have a gift exchange. The gift needs to be under $15 and have a rat theme. It can be something rattie for the human or something nifty for their rat.

Sunday, some of the guests will go on a group outting to the Dallas zoo to see the infamous Naked Mole Rat :-) If you decide not to go on the outting, you can stay for the craft projects. There will be a couple of different ones to choose from.





  • Meet and greet, 
  • games
  • lunch
  • shopping in the rat store
  • playing with the rats :-)
  • games
  • raffle
  • dinner
  • gift exchange
  • A game of Rat-unko
  • slumber party
  •  Breakfast
  • games
  • raffle
  • lunch
  • zoo outing or...
  • stay and do craft projects
  • relaxing/shopping
  • playing with rats
  • raffle
  • one more game
  • saying goodbye :-(
  • Home ~ What to bring ~ Hotels ~ Food Fest


    for more info, contact:

    Christine or Marie